Information Technology

We Have been developing software solutions in collaboration with our partners in Canada and North Africa since the beginning. We have also developed Technical Partnerships with NEC Corporation and 3M Security Systems.

We are an Information Technology Solutions and a System Integrator company offering Software and Hardware Services. Our strength lies in our active partners then our employees, we have acquired and still look for the brightest and most innovative and dedicated  professionals. We offer in-house and international training  and do encourage learning and certification.

Our Software development team is specialized in different fields of System analysis, design, programming, implementation of Client/Server Applications and interactive website development. Our Hardware team of Engineers trained in Networking installation and configuration including Firewalls, Routers and Microsoft server configuration. We are specialized in new network design and installation and maintenance contracts.

We have also Senior System Architects, Project Managers and Business Analysts. In Canada we have worked extensively with:

  • Human Resource and Development Canada
  • Passport Canada
  • Canadian Border Security Agency
  • Canada Revenue Agency
  • City of Ottawa
  • Canadian Department of Justice
  • Industry Canada
  • Supreme Court of Canada & Alberta Court of Appeals
  • International clients include

Business Consulting

S.I.T is a leading business consulting company offering a range of services to our clients in Canada and internationally. We specialize in market research, new business ventures and opportunity matching.

Our clients rely on us for their support whether it is for consular services, meeting arrangements or internal restructure. We have qualified Project Managers involved in assisting our clients in their multinational projects.

Our services include:

Performance Improvement

If you are truly serious about improving performance and results, rapid transformation is a must program.  We work with your team to transform your operation and secure the highest return on investment (ROI).

Enterprise Risk Management

Our program is designed to provide your corporation with an organized, holistic strategy to identify, implement and manage a sound and sustainable risk management program. Strategic Technology Planning and Analysis Matching your true business needs with the right technology.  Services include planning and analysis, feasibility studies, RFP development, vendor selection and project management, to name a few.

 Human Resource Tools

We utilize modern technology more effectively, improving your HR decision making, and easing the management of the employment process, we can reduce costs and utilize HR resources more efficiently and effectively.

Small Business Assistance

Consulting programs designed specifically for small business owners, with fees and services structured to meet your needs.

Educational Services

S.I.T has been offering education and training services since 2006. Our students have been comprised from individual students looking for higher studies in Canada to a group of trainees sponsored by a government entity. Our programs and services are diverse in the essence that they are tailored to each individual needs.

Our partnerships with several institutes, colleges and companies give us the flexibility which include:

  • Partnership opportunities
  • Research connections
  • Contacts and networks
  • Access to the Canadian and USA scene in international education

We offer a suite of informed, integrated and innovative services to our partners and clients. Our main goal is to engage in capacity-building partnerships in countries in the Middle East, Africa, Eastern Europe, Asia and the Americas. Our areas of expertise include scholarship management, governance, education institutional design and management, and education sector capacity building.

S.I.T has proven experience in the design, delivery and evaluation of short and long-term training programs for international clients seeking Canadian expertise and know-how for the educational and development of their accredited professionals.

Whether education practitioners or public policy professionals, bank and financial institution specialists or Diplomats and Foreign Service officers; S.I.T has the capacity to bring the best of Canadian professional training to you.

Our access to a wealth of training partners means that we are able to respond rapidly to international requests for unique, non-recurring training programs in addition to providing capacity for long-term and annually recurring training cycles.

Information Technology

Hardware Procurement
  • Provide hardware requirement and procurement
  • Setup and configuration
Consulting Services
  • Provide Information Technology Consulting Services in Canada mainly for Government (Federal, Provincial and Municipal) and large corporations
  • Recruit IT professionals from overseas
  • Develop Software overseas for delivery in Canada
Software Solutions
  • Business and Functional Analysis
  • System Integration and Software customization
  • Client/Server Application Analysis, Design and development
  • Database Design and Optimization
Networking, Hardware Configuration and IT Services
  • LAN and WAN Design and Implementation
  • Windows NT installation and configuration
  • Wireless Networking and OnLine Communications
  • Firewall setup, installation and OnLine Security Monitoring
  • Security Systems and Surveillance
  • Building Secure Access and Time tracking systems
Website Development, Hosting and Maintenance
  • Interactive web development
  • Hosting Services including dedicated services and virtual hosting
  • On-Line application development
  • B2B Solutions
  • E-Commerce Solutions
Graphic Design and Multimedia Services
  • Multimedia solutions with video and animation
  • Corporate Presence (Including Logos and complete image)
Customer Support Solutions
  • Yearly maintenance solution services
  • Customer service centers
  • On-Call and On-Site services

Our Training services include:

  • Training program design, planning and rationalization with client needs, policies and schedules.
  • Customization of Canadian and internationally accredited programs to client specifications including culture and language requirements.
  • Briefing and pre-departure session’s in-country.
  • On-arrival orientation sessions in Canada.
  • Study tours and work experience programs in Canada.
  • Deployment of Canadian based Professional Training programs in client countries.
  • Program monitoring and performance and results evaluation
Our programs offer specialized training in the following fields:
  • Emergency Medical Services (EMS)
  • Information Technology
  • Gas, Oil and Petroleum Industry
  • Vocational Training
  • Academic Studies
  • Language Training and Certification

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